John stayed home from work because he was feeling under the weather.約翰因為身體不舒服,向公司請假在家。When you catch cold, you feel under the weather.感冒時,你會覺得不舒服。Would you like me to hang up your coat for you in the closet?要我幫你把大衣掛到衣櫥裡去嗎?The operator told me to hang the phone up and call the number again.總機叫我掛掉電話後再重播一次相同的號碼can count on my parents to help me in an emergency.在緊要關頭我可以靠父母的幫忙。Don’t depend on Frank to lend you any money; he doesn’t have any.你別指望法蘭克會借你半毛錢;他根本身無分文。Patricia is a shy girl and doesn’t make friends easily.派翠西亞是個內向的女孩,不容易交到朋友。During the cruise Ronald made friends with almost everyone on the ship.在航行的途中,羅納德幾乎和船上的每個人打成一片。The elevator was out of order, so we had to walk to the tenth floor of the building.由於電梯發生故障,我們只好徒步爬上十樓。We couldn’t use the soft drink machine because it was out of order. 我們無法使用這台清涼飲料販賣機,因為它故障了。
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