Look out!” Jeffrey cried as his friend almost stepped in a big hole in the ground.
當朋友差點踩進地上的一個大洞時,傑佛瑞大叫「小心!」Look out for reckless drivers whenever you cross the street.你在過馬路時,要當心那些橫衝直撞的司機Small children should always watch out for strangers offering candy.孩童永遠都要當心那些給糖吃的陌生人。When people meet for the first time, they usually shake hands. 當人們頭一次見面時,通常都會互相握手。The student warmly shook hands with his old professor.那位學生和他的老教授熱切地握手。Mr. Harris got back from his business trip to Chicago this morning.哈利斯先生今天早上從芝加哥出差回來Could you get the children back home by five o’clock?你可以讓孩子們在五點前回家嗎?

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