The car was going so fast that the motorist couldn’t slow it down enough to make the sharp curve.
由於車速過快,駕駛人在經過那個緊急彎道時來不及放慢速度。經過過快tch on wwlluickly that i the sharp curve. You’re eating too fast to digest your food well. Slow down! 你吃太快會消化不良。吃慢一點! Slow up a bit you’re talking so quickly that I can’t catch on well. 在慢一點!你說話的速度太快了,我無法跟上。
Every summer the extreme heat in this valley dries the stream up. 每年夏天,這山谷的酷熱都會導致溪水乾涸。涸山谷的酷熱都會導致溪水get crisis.l govern\up when the local govern\nment All funds for the project dried up when the local government faced a budget crisis. 當地方政府面臨財務危機,本計畫所有的資金也就嚴重地短缺。 Martha hung the towel outside on the clothesline in order to cry it out. 馬莎把毛巾掛在外面的曬衣繩上晾乾。 Some people go to alcohol recovery centers in order to dry out. 有些人會到戒酒中心去戒除酒癮。 Hi , Jake. I haven’t seen you in a long time. What have you been up to?
嗨!賈克,好久不見。你都在忙些什麼? Those boys hiding behind the building must be up to something bad. 那群男孩躲在大樓後面,想必正在計畫幹什麼壞事。 Our boss beats around the bush so much that no one in the office knows exactly what he wants us to do.我們老闆說話太喜歡繞圈子,辦公室裡沒有人搞得懂他究竟要我們做什麼。Instead of beating around the bush , Melinda explained her objection in very clear terms. 梅琳達不拐彎抹角,直接開門見山地說明了她反對的理由。 Bill has had it in for his boss for a long time. He told me he’s planning to get even with his boss by giving some company secrets to a competitor.比爾對他老闆懷恨已久。他告訴我,他正在計畫將公司部分商業機密洩漏給競爭者,藉以報復老闆。I want to get even with Steve for beating me so badly in tennis last time. The scores were 6-1 and 6-2.對於史提夫在上回網球比賽中把我打得落花流水一事,我很想報一箭之仇。當時的比數是六比一和六比二。

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