I just bought my new car yesterday and already it has broken down.
我昨天買的新車,今天竟然就已經故障了!The elevator broke down , so we walked all the way up to the top floor.電梯發生故障,我們便徒步爬到頂樓Most parents wonder how their children will turn out as adults.大部分的父母都會想像他們的孩子長大成人的情形。Hundreds of people came out for the demonstration against new taxes.數以百計的人三家了反對實施新收稅的示威遊行。What was the turnout for the pubic hearing on the education reforms?有關教育改革的公聽會,出席的狀況如何? I’m sure that you can accomplish this task. Don’t give up yet!我確定你可以達成這項任務,千萬不要放棄!If you give up smoking now, you can certainly live a longer life.如果你現在就戒菸,肯定可以活得更久一點。The soldiers gave themselves up in the face of stronger enemy forces.士兵們在面對更強悍的敵軍時,棄械投降了。John took his wife for granted until once when he was very sick and needed her constant attention for a week..直到某次生了重病,整整一個星期都需要老婆隨侍在側之前,約翰從未重視他的老婆。He spoke English so well that I took it for granted he was an American.由於他英語說得呱呱叫,我理所當然地認為他是美國人。He took for granted that I wasn’t American because o spoke English so poorly!我的英語太破了,他當然知道我不可能是美國人。

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