Please make sure that you turn off the radio before you go out.出門前,請確認收音機已經關掉。Could you make certain of the time? I don’t want to miss that TV show.
你要先把時間確認清楚,我可不想錯過那個電視節目 once in a while, in some cases, every so often, every now and then, at whiles.
I don’t see him very often, but(every) now and then we arrange to have lunch together.我不常見到他,不過我們偶而會相約一起吃中飯。
Gary gets a cold(every) once in a while even though he takes good care ofhimself.
儘管蓋瑞滿會照顧自己的,但偶而還是會感冒。Every so often my brother and I get together for a camping trip.有時候我兄弟兩會一塊去露營。I like to sleep late in the morning from time to time.我時常喜歡早上賴床不起來。
Jerry tried hard to get rid of the stain on his shirt , but he never succeeded.
The stain was so bad that jerry finally had to get rid of his shirt.
play tennis with my father every other Saturday, so I usually play twice a month.
There were twenty problems in the exercise, but the teacher told us only to do every other one. Actually , doing tin
problems was difficult enough.

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